Core Aeration

Give Your Lawn a Boost

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Looking for ways to bring out the best in your lawn? Core aeration in Cumming, GA can help your lawn get the nutrients it needs. The process works by removing clumps of soil from your lawn, which allows oxygen, water and nutrients to penetrate your soil easier.

Here at Z Green Landscape, we have the tools and resources to provide regular core aeration services for your lawn. And depending on the type of grass you have, aeration may either be best in the early fall or mid-spring to early summer. We'll be glad to discuss the logistics of your aeration project with you.

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5 reasons to aerate your lawn

5 reasons to aerate your lawn

There are many reasons to consider core aeration in Cumming, GA. Regular aeration can...

  1. Reduce poor drainage
  2. Improve soil resiliency
  3. Minimize soil compaction
  4. Enhance fertilizer intake
  5. Create stronger roots

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